Nokia Music (Store)

Nokia Music is just like iTunes and Windows Media Player and etc. It is designed with the concept of ...
  • One stop music manager
  • Music portal
  • Software interface for hardware

It is a hybrid software (Desktop with built-in Internet browsing capability).

The first screen for setup is rather interesting because it reminds me of just how to get users to stick to using your software which in this case is which music audio format do you want Nokia Music as the default player ?

So, I am rather 'stingy' here, for some reasons, I really want to offer royalties which I know that all of these formats would have already been assigned to a default player such as Windows Media Audio (WMA). So finally I decided that I will just allow Wave Audio(wav) and Music CD (cda) to play with Nokia music.

Nokia Music should create proprietary format to increase stickiness.

The software is in version 1.0

It has built-in ripping function which is for you to convert and copy music from CD into the hard disk to appropriate formats.

It is targeting Nokia handset users but you can also connect it to use with other handset's brands. This is a good strategy to penetrate the already saturated market.

Check out the Nokia's Calling All Innovators.

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