TM Revealed Reason For Slow Internet Connectivity

Much Ado about Broadband.

Circuit fault at Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4 (SMW4).

To be restored by 31 Dec 2008.

Malaysia should broker for investors to buy more bandwidths for the country.

Yesterday connectivity was not bad from the office (corporate line).. and it helped me to realize that using tools like InternetFrog is not accurate as well :P

And this site offer one better suggestion but not so practical. Another good way is to check out online videos.

Perhaps someone can help to create a software which will monitor the broadband speed on the daily basis by performing automation of downloads and uploads.
  1. First of all, we need an atlas like Google Earth
  2. Then we need to identify the locations of the sources (such as YouTube servers and etc)
  3. Next, perform download on certain videos and measure the speed and record down the performance in the database.
  4. Continuously do this and keep compiling reports for current and the average speed, we should be able to have a better indicator.
  5. With the availability of the atlas, we can even pinpoint where are the bottleneck before TM does.