Streamyx Broadband Connected Phone Line Not Working

When connected to Streamyx, the phone line is not working.

By default, while connected to Streamyx, your phone line (for verbal conversation) should be working as well.

This troubled yet intrigued me, for the fact that it used to be working until suddenly.

It could be related to my doing of downgrading the Streamyx package from RM 88 / month to RM 66 / month. But this is not a practical reason even though it may be possible.

I delayed going for customer service because I suspect that I wouldn't get a good answer. Eventually, I relented and took a trip to customer service and indeed, the customer service representative gave me a practical answer; the splitter. I argued that splitter couldn't be a good reason because it is a fact that you don't need a splitter to have the Internet and phone line working together. However, I appreciated that he stood by his ground and gave me a brand new splitter. I thanked him and went home and indeed the splitter didn't solve the problem.

I was determined to find out what happen... so, I just took out everything and slowly connect them back one by one while testing out the connection.

Eventually, I found the answer.

It is due to the lighting insulator; I have had my cable connected to a lighting insulator. Taken that out of the setup, everything is doing fine, went back to normal.

The reason behind all these is that (from my observation), probably the lighting insulator has become malfunctioned and it sucks out all necessary power from the phone line rendering the phone to have no power to operate while Internet connection is undergoing. In other words, there is nothing wrong with the phone line from TM Net and the package from Streamyx, but the phone device was deprived of electric power when the Internet connection is undergoing. If I could put battery to the phone device, it should work normal. But the culprit in this case is the lighting insulator.


Anonymous said…
You do need a splitter to have both DSL and phone line working correctly. If no splitter is used, you will hear very high pitched noise while using the phone.
Brandon Teoh said…

No splitter also can work.

Ok. With splitter better.
Unknown said…
Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.
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