Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (Dec 08)

As usual, check out the analysis for 2007.

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For Dec 2008, we have the followings:

  • The brand of this blog
  • A company providing HAPS technology
  • Malwares and Phishings
  • A Common MS Windows' Problem
  • A common VB6 programming problem
  • Problems with accessing Apple store in Malaysia
  • Internet performance

  • Total monthly traffic decreased by 9% (This is a more significant decrease compared to last month)
  • Traffic from referring sites improved by 1.54% and even traffic traffic improved by 1.06%
  • Google still tops contributor (67.7%). Slightly down from last month.
  • Top 5 countries (Malaysia, US, UK, India, Singapore). Check out here.
  • 84.22% of visitors are new visitors. (A slight decrease from last month, this is attributed to the increase in traffics from direct and referring sites.)

  • Site loyalty improved. This is good for marketing of certain types of product such as subscription based.
  • Dec 2008 is a holiday month for readers and would-be readers, people seemed to use the Internet and search engines for more leisure topics. This is good too :P (let the world take a good break). We have stopped blogging since the past 9 days to respect this great harmony.
  • The requirement for ICT news and blogs is most peak at the end of 1st quarter and 3rd quarter 2008. This suggests that people actually started working (selling) at the end of 1st quarter and try to meet quota at the end of 3rd quarter.
  • IT-Sideways hasn't gain significant new traffic sources, partly due to limitations of topic categories.
  • The ICT summary for 2008 suggests that Malaysian companies are not aggressive in terms of PR and marketing, mostly busy on sales and servicing customers. This is a trade-off for becoming global brand power.