Independent Study Shows TCO Improvements with JUNOS Implementation

Juniper Networks announced the results of a new study that reveals total cost of ownership (TCO) improvements in companies that have deployed JUNOS® Software, the network operating system that integrates routing, switching, security and network services. The study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, demonstrates that through the use of JUNOS Software and Juniper switches and routers, the companies studied achieved an overall reduction in operational costs for specific network operations tasks, including planning and provision, deployment, planned and unplanned network events.

Among other top-line results, the study reports a 41% reduction in overall network operations costs based on dollar savings across specific task categories: planned events, reduction in frequency and duration of unplanned network events, the sum of planned and unplanned events, the time needed to resolve unplanned network events and the “adding infrastructure” task.

Forrester used its deep research expertise in enterprise networking and its Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology, which not only measures costs and cost reduction, but also weighs the enabling value of a technology in increasing the effectiveness of overall business processes. For this study, Forrester employed four fundamental elements of TEI in modeling JUNOS Software: costs and cost reduction; benefits to the entire organization; flexibility; and risk.

Based on interviews with customers, Forrester constructed a TEI framework for a composite organization and an associated ROI analysis to illustrate the areas of financial impact. Forrester identified a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of 63% associated with the deployment of Juniper switches and routers and JUNOS Software in an enterprise network, and positive financial payback within nine months.

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