Internet is very slow 7 Feb 2009

The Internet has been slow again for the past few days..

Well same old story...

You should try out this software where you can test the download speed for a particular site, this should be more accurate than using test tool like InternetFrog which is just testing download speed between you and a fixed site (url). With this tool, you can test the speed for any url that you will be accessing. For example, if you are accessing, check out the speed first.


I also have same problem. only site from malaysia is ok and is there another earthquake at taiwan? even my vpn adapter won't work.
Brandon Teoh said…
I hope there is no earthquake in Taiwan.

But Internet at home has been so slow for the last 1 week. 15 Feb to 22 Feb 09.

While connection from office still not too bad.

What happen to QoS ?
Anonymous said…
TM Admit problem. Will only be ok on March 5