Microsoft (Global) Coping With Interim Uncertainties

Microsoft is still big and very very big.

And I was first enlightened to take note that Microsoft was preparing for the fact that the sales of software application like Microsoft office will drop significantly during current financial crisis. The first thing which I noticed was from Jonathan's blog about the 'hidden' collaboration between Microsoft and Sun Microsystem. Details wasn't discoursed, but it is about Microsoft being an advertiser of Sun's Java download. Check it out here.

Let's focus on Microsoft Office; the most popular software application and the most pirated software application in the world. Almost instantly, as soon as someone starts a computer (be it Windows, Mac, or Linux), you just expect to launch Microsoft Word or Excel.

By the way, have you check out the latest Open Office ? It has been tremendously improved.

So, I assume that MS Office sales will drop significantly during the financial crisis (at least in the beginning part of it). Why not just use free software which is actually compatible with MS Office ?

Then not too long ago, Microsoft announced new approach for anti-piracy; Office Genuine Advantage.

And then Microsoft global announced job cut for the first time in the history; well it is nothing actually since almost everybody is doing that at the same time.

I agree with Erin that Microsoft came out earlier than some other people to tell that 'hey people are not buying software enough!!!'

And then own retail stores.

This is something to learn here.

My take is that definitely, more people will switch to Open Office at least for the interim. And by piggy-back on Java download, the effects can be countered more less fairly.

This is to me, business. When you think about business, think Steve Ballmer.