Multi-Touch G2

Multi-Touch G2 is a touch screen overlay that can be easily mounted onto any LCD or Plasma TV monitors. This simple, lightweight and low cost solution let you deploy Multi-Touch technology instantly to existing monitors without the need of any configuration. Multi-Touch G² is connected to the computer via a USB cable (No power cable is needed).

This is how it looks like..

Usage (Applications):
  1. Gaming using your hands
  2. Photo presentation
  3. Syn. with mobile devices
  4. Mapping
  5. Illustration, design

Malaysian government will be buying a lot of these stuffs for:

  1. Infrastructure (facilities, roads) planners
  2. Tax agencies to figure out where are the high taxable area in Malaysia
  3. Events organizers
  4. Simulators
  5. Security departments
  6. Marketeers
  7. Idealists for better multi-media presentation.
  8. Enforcers like police, fireman and etc.
  9. Engineers, architects, designers
This will give new life to many more software applications to come. Something to look forward to.

Stuff like this is cool because it is something new.

People will not hesitate to buy because it is new.


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