Run Your Life With SMS: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Via Text

Taken from this blog entry.

10 things you should do with SMS on Internet services.
  1. Track Your Packages
  2. Get Stock Quotes
  3. Track Your Expenses
  4. Stop Smoking
  5. Pay Your Bills
  6. Search For An Apartment
  7. Read The Classifieds
  8. Update Your Amazon Wishlist
  9. Search Google
  10. Order Pizza
This is what I normally do..
  • Download ring tones and other contents
  • Reload and transfer credits
  • Get latest lottery results
  • Voted for Malaysian idol
  • Register for events

But the things I really wanted is to be able to query knowledge base services.. So that instance, if I happen to step into a car sales center, I would like to query the following things with accuracy:

  • Latest interest rates
  • Second hand value
  • Pricing of other similar products
  • What is the biggest pro and con of the brand ?

But the problem is that if I can subscribe to this service, the sales people can also subscribe to this service as well. Then it wouldn't make any difference.

For instance, if there is a knowledge base system which provides the latest traffic information and if everybody subscribe to it, then it wouldn't make much difference; because everybody will be flocking into the less congested routes.

So, instead of providing a knowledge base service, we should sell knowledge base system and it will be up to the self efforts of users to accumulate as much knowledge as possible.


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