Streamyx (Malaysia Internet) Connection Very Slow ( 24 Feb 09)

The broadband service (Streamyx) is very slow...

Want to load a simple web site also hard...

There must be something wrong happening at the International link as locally hosted web site is having no problem with accessing..

I think it is worth a thought on creating Malaysia owned Internet by caching International contents on local servers. Someone can make money out of it right ?

Seems like the APCN2 is having problem.


Anonymous said…
Streamyx announcement claimed that there's faulty circuit on the (APCN2) between Kuantan - Katong in Singapore and Shantou - Tanshui in Taiwan linking Malaysia to the United States (US)since 18th February.

It's happened since 18th and it's only announced on 24th? Something is not right. I checked with a bunch of my friends in S'pore today and their internet connection is fine.

As usual the brainless idiot streamyx is pointing finger at someone else but themself.

In August 2008, Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said that the "best efforts" as currently adopted by broadband players now are unacceptable and he's waiting to take back the licences and give them to other companies. In addition to that, Shaziman reiterated that failure to comply would be subjected to penalty, possibly in the form of withdrawal of the respective performance guarantee bonds of up to RM7.7mil pledged with SKMM.

Yeah right ! Now is the end of February 2009, streamyx service is getting worst every day. So, what our Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor going to do next ? More promises and lesser action ?
Brandon Teoh said…
I totally agree. There is no transparency. But more importantly, there is no urgency to solve problem.

Well then, maybe there is not enough human resources.

I hope SKMM will act what it is meant for.. however, more importantly, I really wonder how much better other providers like Green Packet can do better since everybody is sharing the same outbound links ? Or, do they still have to lease from TM ?

We need insiders information about this.