Another Penang Web Site

Penang is my favourite place (still for now). I been to KK once and it is quite boring in certain ways. Of course, one of the reason is that I was born in the northern side of east Malaysia, Kedah and so Penang is always like home. I am not sure yet, maybe I will like Kuching or Kuantan as I have never been there yet.

Another web site for Penang, this time they make it official.

But there are so many of such web site already, like this one.

or that one..

This suggests that we might as well better off having some sort of aggregator web site which is already available but not so popular yet. But the problem with aggregator software or service is that there is no graphics, purely rss and data.

I think besides netvibes, pageflakes and etc, something better can be done. Something more graphical.

This also brings out the dilemma of ICT industry for web site.

Everybody wants to have their own, but they don't have budget to maintain it.
The cost to start anew is minor, but to maintain it whole life is a major headache.

Life in Klang Valley compared to Penang ?? I only know that people in Klang Valley rush from one place to another like there is no tomorrow. And it is stressful to drive in the city. No one is excited about driving to the city, even sales people.