Facebook As A Platform ?

Facebook apps is good for marketing..

It is almost like instantly, you will have some instant audience.

But is it really a worthy platform ?

Let's debate this as two hypothetical situations
  1. You have an application and you need to spice it up. For instance, if you have difficulties having enough users or audience, you can plugin to Facebook and hope to benefits from something there. So, this is a good marketing platform. Let's say you have a blog and it hasn't got enough audience, you can work out the numbers there too.
  2. Facebook as a platform for development, similar to using software framework.
The idea of Facebook is that now everybody can build apps. Just like AirAsia where now everybody can fly.

So, how about equipping every marketeers with the dreams of creating web application to target Facebook audience within a short period of time.

So you can definitely regard Facebook as rapid web application development plaftorm for marketing solutions.

So, what you can do with Facebook as a platform ?


Social context, integration, query services, own javascripting language.... This means it provides you with:
  1. People
  2. Seamless
  3. Tools
Thus, Facebook is not a platform for development, it is an extension for development.

And let's try to find an analogy for the following facts.

Before weblog becomes mainstream, the only choice to have a web presence is web site. And you either need capital to hire programmers to do it or you need the skills to do it. It is not easy work.

With weblog, anybody can have a web presence.

So now, Facebook presents you a platform (not for development) but as extension to connect to more people and in certain ways, it is doing-away with marketing, sales and brokerage by enhancing businesses-2-customers.

This lands us on the ground that sales, marketing, PR tools can be very accessible and almost free. The boring people are out there doing Knighted and always eager for more excitement. The reality will be that long-tail does not hold up, nobody really cares about artistic much, people just want to live other people's life and wanted to be part of popular culture. But too bad the bandwidth is not big enough.

The soon-to-be reality will make-unpopular diversity and supports monopoly, potentially harmful towards ethical culture integrity and invest in meaningless lifeforms.