Korean Food Manufacturer Gains Twelve Times Application Performance Boost with Juniper Networks WAN Acceleration Technology

Korean food manufacturer Dongsuh, Foods Corporation uses ERP software to handle all of its key business operations and processes. However, access to the ERP system was degraded by congestion due to the distribution of automatic Microsoft Windows updates across the WAN; and other network activity.

Dongsuh dramatically increased productivity and operational efficiencies across its global WAN with 12X improved application response times (from two minutes to ten seconds) from Dongsuh's mission critical business software, after deploying Juniper Networks WXC application acceleration platforms at its corporate office and 38 branch and sales offices nationwide. Completing the roll-out in just nine days with the aid of a Web-based installation wizard; the Juniper Networks WXC platforms improved application performance over the WAN by recognizing and eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols, prioritizing and allocating access to bandwidth and ensuring high application availability at sites with multiple WAN links.

"High-performance WAN infrastructure is crucial to the success of distributed enterprises such as Dongsuh Foods," said Wan Ahmad Kamal, Juniper's country manager for Malaysia. "Besides reducing costly bandwidth usage, our WXC platform also delivers excellent QoS and an integrated configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting capability, empowering businesses with a more efficient infrastructure and better return on investment."

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