MSSQL vs MySQL (Top 10 Comparisons)

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We are using MSSQL 2008 Express Edition.

1. The GUI

MSSQL definitely has an edge over this with the famous SQL Server Management Studio

For MySQL , the default GUI (developed by Sun Microsystem in Java language) has the following components.
  • MySQL Administrator
  • MySQL Query Browser
  • MySQL Migration Toolkit (ETL) Language Support (German, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese from Brazil)
MSSQL wins

MySQL wins because it is trailing from behind and it only cost the disk space of about 65MB

The interface is just beautiful.

2. Mulitple Instances.

Both supported.

Running multiple instances is possible.

Each instance is identified by the same IP but different port number.

It is different from MSSQL in the manner that an instance comes in separate name, and physical MDB file and capability for dynamic port.

In the case of MySQL, you have to manually assign the port number for each separate instance.

Also, the default installer of MySQL? doesn't cater for installation of multiple instance.

MSSQL wins.

3. Windows drivers for programming software connection

For MSSQL, there are a few methods. The popular one will be OLEDB and ODBC.

For MySQL, there is one driver called MySQL? ODBC 5.1 Driver, download from

MSSQL wins.

4. Multi platform / OS.

MySQL wins

5. Replication

It is harder to configure replication using MySQL? .

MSSQL wins.

6. Stored procedure.


7. Licensing

MySQL wins.

MSSQL express edition (free) comes with limited database and real-time memory size.

8. Transaction capability.

Of course both are ACID-compliant.

MySQL uses InnoDB transaction engine.

Assuming that Microsoft has proprietary technology. The result is draw.

9. Migration Tool

MySQL comes with a user-friendly migration tool which is free.

MSSQL migration tool is known as integration services which is not part and parcel of express edition.

MySQL wins.

10. Business Intelligence.

MSSQL supports built-in business intelligence functions which is known as analysis services.

MySQL doesn't support built-in functions.

MSSQL wins.

So, the result is draw.

My Two Cents:
If you are only dealing with small enterprise environments or customers, choose MySQL instead of MSSQL because you will not get to play with a lot of high-end (enterprise) features of MSSQL if you are using express edition while MySQL may be able to give you a better deal.

Companies with good budget for IT and not so technically inclined IT team will not going to for MySQL because of learning curve. GUI MSSQL has been around since 97.

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