Twitter Is Going To Get Bigger

Twitter has been around for some time.

I am not using it yet. But I am tempted now.

First of all, seems like it is getting popular lately.. ever since Ashton Kutcher threaten to 'work-out' his neighbor. Check out here.

Then, we have agreeing that Twitter content is as real (as it is) and comes with great potential of generating business values for corporates. Check out here.

And now the media is relying on it to get contents. Check out here.

Wow, this is a great way of getting contents, I mean I've always believe that if Bill Gates were to write blogs, millions of people will be reading it daily because I wouldn't miss it for the world to find out what's Bill is thinking of doing next. If Bill thinks that Spreadsheet is going to hit, many would agree too.

But writing blogs is not easy actually, just look at the blogs of Sun's CEO and others... they are not there to entertain people actually.

Twitter is easier. And it is good for media because the moment Google's founders said "working on POST connector for TV..." on Twitter, we know that Google is going to work on getting blogs to be published from the TV.

It is a good trend to break the monopoly of Facebook.