Weblog is Web Site Competitor

Actually a weblog is also a web site just that it is usually provided free. The thing which I realized is that weblog just doesn't go well with web site per se.

First of all, if you are going to propose something for someone (using weblog), that person is just not going to pay you because weblog is free.

Secondly, he or she got no time to do it.

So, this is bad economy which kills away opportunity, creativity and economy and the money goes back to the big brands like Google and Microsoft.

Therefore, I can almost guarantee that if you are going sell any product in the form of using free tools (such as weblog), no one will pay you anything. Because people are selfish in nature and no way you can get out so easily. But these potential customers got no time to DIY the value proposition which they can actually gain. But they don't care anyway. Ignorance.

In retrospect, whenever something as popular as weblog is launched for free or something like that, the party providing it as product is going to go close down soon. The best thing that you can come out of it is to create services out of these free tools.

Facebook is another free platforms and as I analyzed it earlier, it is a good platform for marketing. Facebooks phenomena killed many things unaccounted for but at the same time, it creates an opportunity of economy that is service-oriented in nature.

Not a bad idea to invent something which will spawn a world of service activities.

This brings me to a dim lighted conclusion that if you can create something which will do-away something, then it can be a hit. But if you are going to create something on top of something, don't market it as a product, go for services. And if you are doing something which people-can-easily-DIY-but-ain't-got-time, do it as a service as well. This will balance back the harmony.

But this is unfriendly reality for product makers out there in case of shock received from the media daily about potentially new tools. That is why, one needs to invest time in reading tech blogs.