What's New In Malaysia Broadband ?

The top ICT issue for Malaysia's public is Internet coverage and speed. Come second is the problem with unemployed graduates. The government had thought out a solution as well.

TheStar recently published that Wimax licensees may be affected by financial crisis.

The government will allocate RM 60 billion for broadband, and TM is investing that on the Highspeed Broadband project. This is good news.

But that is okay actually, cause Malaysian are always seeking more bandwidth for their Internet lifestyle. This is for sure.

Penang folks seem to be more willing to be connected... everybody is talking about making the whole Penang connected 24x7 and risk becoming the sleep dealer.

But I think consumers are more likely to pour concern over information confidentiality. The Malaysian scene recently took us back to the movie of 'Enemy of the States'; a movie about intrusion of privacy.

I think if P1 or Amax or Redtone can come up with prepaid broadband package, that would be very attractive.