BlogertizeWorld Can Help Bloggers With More Traffics Legally is a hot startup.

It is meant to help bloggers (legally) where it allows bloggers to buy up advertising space and in return (advertisers) will get:
  • More traffics
  • Marketing & PR
  • E-Commerce Affiliation with 50% to 70% profit margin. Compare this to Amazon which only gives out 15% of sales commission.
  • Profit sharing
There is nothing illegal with leveraging on Blogertize to increase your web traffic because bloggers will have to invest for in return for bigger profits. This is the same as bloggers advertise in Adsense.

It shares some vision as Nuffnang and implements some idea from BlogShares.

Nuffnang leverages on blogs as publishers.

Blogertizeworld is still in beta and its interface is still pretty primitive.

It is important that bloggertizeworld must have a good platform to support the demanding dynamics of web-based business model, which may requires API for collaboration as well as continuous marketing.

Blogertizeworld should also look into leveraging Facebook and Twitter.

Have fun with Blogertizeworld.

And hopefully, Google doesn't not consider it a part of link schemes. Check out here for details.

Google is going against SEO.


Scope of SEO in Malaysia by

It is need of time that Malaysian companies now focus on SEO (search engine optimization) to increase online visibility. B2C, B2B, local and international trade is highly influence by internet now a days. Its a air line, tour & travel agency, advertising firm or a hyper market.

"All international brands are getting online to reach their prospective customers today."

Malaysian companies also relies that its hard to survive without online visibility so we can see online portals like,,, and many more.

SEO (search engine optimization) is all about to enhance and optimize online visibility, in simple words we can say that SEO is part of marketing campaign that covers a company's online marketing campaign. SEO is as important as a companies Sales and Marketing Department. Without SEO its hard to service online today, in return a company's efforts for promotion, marketing, sales and branding will highly effect.

Local sales can be increase more than 20% and international sales can be increase up to 80% with highly motivated and targeted SEO.

SEO is time consuming and continues process, it cant be done “one time” and it cant be guaranteed of “top listing” or “money back guaranteed” and “auto submission” is like a poison for a website, specially search engines don't like auto submission. Just make SEO part of your marketing campaign and try to enhance online visibility “time to time” and continuously.

Malaysia is modern country and companies are aware of technological changes. Every month thousand of companies are “getting online”

Domain Registration Statistics




Dec 2008










Jan 2009










Feb 2009










Source MYNIC Berhad. Malaysia.

World Statistics are even more high, approximately 154,641 (TLDs) Top level Domains are sold every 24 hours and growth rate is estimated 26% annually.

Internet is making our world “global village”. Now no have boundaries and limitation to increase business volume, but competition is more high than ever before. This environment have pros and cons, more opportunities to get ahead and get global with little effort and also competition is getting tough.

SEO scope is very high in Malaysia due to high growing statistics of domain registration and website development. In this high growing statistics only SEO can make a company to stand alone in competition. Government have taken certain initiatives to support and motivate Malaysian and multinational companies e.g. MSC Multimedia Development Corporation, Technology Parks Malaysia and vision 2020 are few examples of Government Malaysia initiatives.


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Notes to Editors: SEO Malaysia is register under Name RSL Trading based in Kota Bharu Kelantan, we are involved in Information technology since 2003
Brandon Teoh said…
Thanks for comment.
Here is answer of questions;

Q 1. Google is an online giant and is the monopoly. Google seems to be facing problems with being fair to everybody and in a way, they are not very SEO obliging. Perhaps it is fair to say that Google has solid rules for SEO, what are your advise on this ?

Asnswer- I will not agree that Google have monopoly as their are other big players as yahoo and msn. regarding SEO friendly, i believe that google is SEO friendly thats why google is "dominant" in market.

Q 2. I have heard of some web sites which are taken off the Google search engine entirely due to some unknown violations. What are thoughts about this and do you have services that can help such web sites ?

Answer: All search engines have rule and regulation and can ban sites who violate rules. i will recommend that dont panic and market your website on other search engines, rewrite contents, reevaluate your site and wait 3 months to resubmit. For urgent inclusion get paid service, normally google will give high rank if you buy Google ads (PPC). i can also offer my services please send inquiry through

Q 3. IT-Sideways is one example where the PageRank dropped to 0/0 from 4/10 due to unknown reasons; suspect to be due to link exchanges with some 'blacklisted' web sites. Even thought it doesn't affect anything really but it can be annoying. What are your thoughts about this ?

Answer- I agree with you, its due to "Bad company".

Q 4. Can you explain the term Google-friendly SEO ? Or what is the right thing to do for web sites willing to invest in better visibility ?

Every search engine have certain rule and regulation and google so, basically all search engines have same rules, that is contents of your website should be unique or at least informative compare to competitors. Good SEO companies help to creat good contents and submit them to proper online junctions.

5. Are you in the permission to share with us one or two examples of your successful successful SEO clientele ?

Answer. are few examples.

Thanks and regards,

Comments by Aftab Hussain
Contact No. 0060179729189 said…
seem to be not bad, let me check it out :)

I need more marketing and traffic :P