Good Things of Liberalisation of Financial Sector

With Malaysia government goes easy on the financial sector, certain good things are expected to arise.

One of the thing is the increase of ICT-financial related jobs and also the possibility of more foreign expertise (in related areas) coming in to work. In fact, this can be really happening because the USA and Europe are no longer considered to be hot-spots for career-centric green pastures (at least for now) with the economy problems. More Malaysians may also have to come back home to take advantage of the hopefully lower cost of living or to experience the myriad of culture excitements as well as the warm feeling of being at the equator which is partly responsible for the long-serving peacefulness of the Malaysia society; we are all warm-hearted people.

This is further multiplied by the fact that many local ICT technocrats are more than willing to move forward to a consulting and management role, foreigners with technical expertise in core banking and financial sectors should be able to get more opportunities here.

This will also spur more outsourcing opportunities for local software providers in the banking and financial sectors and as a result, these local companies may also want to hire foreign experts to fill up human resources.

The biggest winner in anticipation for such reality is head-hunters who may want to start doing profiling (of candidates) and selling (to prospects) now. Besides that, training companies may be able to grab something from this piece of pie which will run from now through 2011.

The best part of this is the time table.