Oracle Will Have Hardware and Platform OS

If the deal goes through, Oracle will have own hardware and OS platform.

It is a proper match with respect to "anti-trust" law in the USA because Oracle hasn't got any hardware business.

However, most of Oracle suite's GUI are developed in the Java platform anyway.

If the Oracle-Sun deal goes through, MySQL will become more and more important. This will kill away more free-software databases such as Firebird and postgreSQL. And this will bring more head-ache to MSSQL. Check out top 10 comparison between MySQL and MSSQL.

Oracle is not going be become "free-software" or whatsoever. It now has a more distinct role which is to superior over MySQL; MySQL is never going to take over Oracle and both are brothers. SAP now has bigger problem with the ERP market because Oracle now has more resources to develop better competition in the ERP market.

If this deal suffered the Microsoft-Yahoo symptoms, then the backup plan is highlighted by SUN's CEO.
  1. Recruit every developer on earth to use our software or services --> Human
  2. Deliver the world's most compelling commercial offerings --> USP
  3. Execute the world's most effective selling/service connection between 1. and 2 --> Tools

Human, USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and Tools. Great!