Kia Spectra In Need of More Reviews

I spent quite some time at Starbucks lately, partly due to the fact that the weather in Malaysia was pretty hot lately and given that my official residence's room has no air-conditioning and that my office lab is like a bit too far for a working-holiday.

So, Starbucks is my second office and I really like Caramel Frappuccino, which is to me the best coffee in the whole world and I am not a coffee drinker. The good thing about Caramel Frappuccino are that it helps me with detox and also it doesn't make me sleepless at night. I hope Starbucks will not close down in Malaysia due to economy crisis.

Anyway, so I was at the Starbucks of Kelana Jaya Giant doing actual work last two days. The Internet connection wasn't working but that is okay. Because to me, the few privileges of Starbucks (for customers) are the comfort environment with air-conditioning and free electricity for my laptop and my favorite coffee; I can do do-away with web surfing.

Let's go back to Kia Spectra..

So, as usual, there is a floor for car exhibition in Giant Kelana Jaya and this time it is Kia's turn.

The first impression of Kia Spectra was fantastic, it looks spotty and big enough. The OTR is actually about RM 73,000 and it is not expensive really. For a while, I really thought that I may want to buy it very soon.

Then this morning I checked out some reviews, actually I just want to get more information and the first impression from Google was not very encouraging.

It is not a very encouraging marketing from the search result... I meant come'on guys, don't you realize people are using the search engines a lot not because it has the most accurate information, but it is convenient and it is a content provider.

If you can't manage your web marketing, I don't know how to convince myself to buy the car.

I am not going to scroll into the next 20 search results to hope to find out more good news about Kia Spectra, I will just stop there.

Just look at Chrysler official web site, it is so impressive and yet they are seeking bankruptcy...

The few things about Malaysian (for your information) ...
  1. Typical Malaysian save a lot of money because we don't have much security (except from natural disaster)
  2. Migrating is always an option but I don't recommend (this is a good place to live)
  3. Malaysian don't buy things just because we believe in the concept of economy (as what Mr.Barack Obama does)
  4. I haven't watched the TV for last few years and even my parents. So, I wouldn't know if you have appeared in TV commercial last month.
  5. People may still may buy pirated movies not because we are bad but because we don't want to watch censored films
  6. Many people are relying on reviews and public opinions to make buying decisions
My two cents for Kia Spectra's marketing. By all means, I am not suggesting that you go about suing all the bad reviewers. Reviews are reviews, period. And we shouldn't force not-so-good reviews out of the search engines. You just have to let it obsolete gradually.

One way is that you need to generate more positive web activities which can consist of blog postings, online videos and etc. Buff up these activities and you will soon have the better reviews push down the not-so-encouraging reviews from the first page of search engines. And now with Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and etc, it is not hard to start. --> All you need are some marketing funds.

I think it is not outrageous to set up a post for Web Marketing Manager working alongside General Marketing Manager to be oversaw by Group Marketing Manager. Of course, people with blogging exposure may be suitable for the job :)

At least Yahoo search provides better impression.

And long live Starbucks please :)