New Survey Previews the ‘Future of Work’

A new survey commissioned by Adobe Systems in the U.S. points to changes in the ways white-collar work and business will be conducted in the social media-rich environment of the 21st century, with more business conducted via emerging communications technologies and social networking platforms, as the technologies that people prefer to use in their private lives become the technologies people want to use at work.

The younger generation prefers to use multiple channels of communication, often choosing social networks, text messaging or instant messaging instead of e-mail and in-person meetings. This shift could lead to increased support for work technologies that offer these capabilities. While email is still the leading technology tool of choice, use of text messaging, instant messaging, social networking and online productivity tools are on the rise with white-collar workers under 35, with nearly one in three reporting they use these technologies at work daily. In the next five years, white-collar workers plan to increase their time working remotely by 50 percent, resulting in average white-collar workers spending 30 percent of their time working out of the office.

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