Web Marketing Latest Observation

Marketing has to be an in-house job, because it is hard to measure and it is a lot of works.

Web marketing is different from conventional marketing partly because of the diversity in the target audiences.

I do notice that the latest effective trend for web marketing can be easily summarized with the following few techniques.
  1. Web Site. A web site is a must have of course. A cool one will be great.
  2. Wikipedia. Create an entry for wikipedia about what you are marketing and also for its founders and inventors. I like to read about wikipedia before going for the actual web site because the former offers a great deal of summaries and always comes with the same format so that you don't have to struggle to find information from some sophisticated web sites. And not just that, wikipedia is searchable from search engines.
  3. Web videos and YouTube. This is very effective because not only people will be reading about your products, now they can see some videos.
  4. Make friends with some bloggers.
Let's take one example...

R.U.S.E (games).

Cool game ?