- A Content-Safe Video Portal

I called it a content-safe video portal, was advertised on the papers today.

The sole intention of its availability is unknown, as well as who is responsible for it. It should be the government of Malaysia.

However, I attribute three core benefits which it can contribute:
  1. Additional contents for the web.
  2. Edutainment.
  3. A subset of Internet with politically correct contents for schoolers
Previously, we have talked about the issues of Internet censorship and net neutrality. Emphasize should be on the former issue.

First of all, we must all recognize that Internet contributes to knowledge by exercising DIY(Do-it-yourself). And knowledge from the Internet is free for all which equals to freedom of thinking and equality in terms of intellectuality.

Therefore, we got to encourage everybody and especially younger generation to make use of the Internet, but we must also take precaution of calculated risks.

I suggested that one way out is to create a subset of web contents which are deemed content-safe and then we can encourage youngsters and schoolers to check out those contents. EduWebTV fits this role.

It also demonstrates the ability of edutainment partly due to the fact that its content are audited by seemingly the education ministry of Malaysia.

This is a good start.

Too bad it is requiring Windows Media Player 11 for all videos.


June said…
Hi, EDUWEBTV is introduced by our Ministry of Education in March 2008 with the objective of providing “Digital Education for All”. By saying this, the ministry aims to minimize the digital gap between city and the rural areas.