First Look Into Rent-A-Coder

My first impression on rentacoder.

It is assumed to be using the same engine as planet-source-code.

The same codes cannot be sold twice.

Coders will not be able to request for confirmation schedules; means that buyers can take own sweet time to decide. This has pros and cons.

Buyers will pay rent-a-coder as a middleman.

No deposit payment can be requested from buyers.

It is also interesting to look through all requested bids to know what others (the software industry) are working on right now...--> Face detection demands is on the rise.

As expected, it is buyer's oriented and disadvantage will be on the coder's side. In fact, coders may be exposed to a greater risks of undertaking projects from rent-a-coder than from offline medium because if you are "blacklisted", it will be global. if coders do not expose real identity, then coders may not be able to get good bids.

So, the best deal for a buyer is to have the best codes with the lowest bid, and it has to be coming from a freshmen.

To brings me to another conclusion, if you want to make good a business as a coder, develop your own software and sell it yourself. It is only doing this which you have control to fine tune a realistic model for cash flow and innovation.

Rooms For Improvement:
  • More coder's centric.
  • Buyers must expose deadlines (for project to start and end) and there must be a bottom price such as USD 100 for all projects. This will help with two issues. First, coders will have a based income projection to rely on. Meaning that if someone requires RM 1500 per month to survive, then USD 100 * 3.5 = RM 350, he or she knows that he can survive by delivering 4 to 5 projects in a month's time, then he or she can consider to invest more effort in such endeavor. Secondly, with the availability of bottom price, buyers may not have to pay all money to rent-a-coders in case the deliverable are not beyond satisfaction. But then again, the bottom price must be paid to the coders for even the lousiest work.