Juniper Networks Introduces Breakthrough 100 Gigabit Ethernet Interface for T Series Routers

With rapidly increasing network traffic—with video, advanced wireless services and emerging trends such as cloud computing as key drivers—core networks will soon require a new generation of scale, and 100 GE interfaces will provide an order of magnitude increase over the majority of interfaces available today.

Market drivers for higher speed Ethernet connectivity for Content Service Providers, include not only growing demand for 10 GE end user services, but also a need to eliminate LAG inefficiencies, and improved network economics & scaling : with cloud computing networks (grids) being the next driver for bandwidth – requiring networked data centers where compute-intensive, high content applications go over a wide area network.

In this environment, virtualized or logical routers need high-speed uplinks to fully-realize cost savings, and wholesale services require higher speed connections - metro, long haul, and ultra long haul,

and Intra PoP core router interconnects. To meet the requirement, Juniper Networks has introduced the industry’s first 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GE) router interface card, enabling service providers and data centers to reduce the number of interfaces required in their networks, yielding significant gains in simplified topologies and enhanced operational efficiencies.

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