TM HSBB Project May Not Be Realized By 2010

Malaysian will have to wait longer to enjoy HSBB (High Speed Broadband) project envisioned by Telekom Malaysia according to latest report.

The HSBB project is also subjected to parlimentary debate on the premise that it could trigger a reality of TM monopolizing the Internet Broadband industry in Malaysia.

The once promising QucomHaps hasn't been producing press release recently.

In the mean time, Malaysian will have to stick to existing favorites of Streamyx (which has received many negative publicity) over the years or the much younger P1 Wimax.

Blogger Jeff Ooi (as a user) helped to test out DiGi mobile broadband and he seemed to be satisfied with the performance. I think he is in Penang island.

For other providers, do you have any comments ?

I am still using Streamyx (both at home and at work) because why ? I have already subscribed to it. Reluctant to change.

And my second office (Starbucks) was also reportedly to have switched from Timezone to Streamyx since May 2009.