The best open source software to choose from (2009) ?

If you are paying, you will go for brand. That is because a brand will help you to decide, that is the capitalist world's rule.

But if you are not paying, how do you make decision ?

For me, it should be:
  • The most number of contributors
  • The most number of downloads
  • Frequent updates
Now there is a good chance for you to figure out via the SourceForge community choice award 09.

Nevertheless, the software which I really like to try out are:
And of course, there are those so-called all-time popular like:
  • Firebird - Database
  • Symphony - PHP Framework
  • Pentaho - Business Intelligence
  • TortoiseSVN - Source code management
  • etc
Something to look into for those people looking to cut cost on software and for developers who wanted to find out how far people have achieved ?

By the way, currently I am using one of them, which is Twiki (to manage my information). Current version is not very user friendly, but it helps me a lot and it is quite light weighted and easy transferable between machines.