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An email interview with Mr. Steven of is a Chinese Embroidery Online Shop. Chinese embroidery is popular for home decoration, as gifts for friends and business dealings.

There are many High-grade and Cheap embroidery on .Customers can pay online via Paypal or Moneybookers.

1. gives the first impression of being an e-commerce web site focusing on embroidery products, while I am impressed with the web design, can you tell us more about the web site (like is there any cool functions and technology) ? is an online shop system. We bought the e-commerce system from a Chinese software vendor and then made little changes to it correspondingly.

2. Is china based ? Tell us more about the corporate profile and who are the key person behind it ? hosting is powered by,the company is in China.

3. One challenge of e-commerce web site is the warehousing and logistics of the product, tell us how these issues are managed ? is just newly opened.The warehousing and logistics of the product is not a big issue at the moment.

4. Tell us more about the products, are they hand-made and where is the main production ?

We sell pure hand-made embroidery.Only this can represent the real Chinese embroidery.

5. How do you see the trend of e-commerce particularly in China and also Malaysia ?

We are traditional embroidery embroidery manufacturers and dealers and ventured into e-commerce to expand market reach.We believe in the bright prospects in Malaysia especially the Chinese market.

6. Malaysia's Pikom is launching a buy online campaign during the national ICT month which will be held starting end of July, is there any activities leading up to that ?

We know little about it.