Enterprise Collaboration System - What to look for ?

Enterprise collaboration is the biggest want by all corporate IT users, but yet not many of such software have been deployed. One of the reason is that it is preferred to be web based and the web platform has been undergoing endless evolution.

Last year (2008), when IDC was talking about Green IT, it published a statistic about CIO perspective's on technology versus company's competiveness, web based collaboration tool was considered as the most important. Check out page 6.

As the matter of fact, the smaller your company is, the more automation you required.

Check out the white paper from SocialText.

#1: Tightly integrate social networking

#2: Ensure absolute confidence in adoption rate
  • Must be dead easy to get started
  • Must be self-evident: What’s in it for me?
  • The user must be in control
  • Should have high social incentive
#3: Make sure it fits the way people work
  • Email integration
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Offline access
  • Working with outside 3rd parties
#4: Aggregate information from all sources

#5: Assess Total Cost of Ownership
  • People services
  • Budget considerations & hidden costs
  • Support
  • De-risking the single biggest success factor: Adoption
  • Up front investment
  • Upgrades
  • Time-to-results
  • Administration
  • User flexibility