Google Officially Announced OS

We have heard that network OS is coming, where it is supposed to power network computer.

Last year we did talk about the success of Apple and iPod and software operating system platform. My conclusion was that iPod was able to take the lead because of Apple's ability of operating system to power the hardware which during that time Sony didn't have.

Then I assume that Google is probably trying to own cloud computing.

And now, apart from Android OS platform for mobile devices, Google is announcing the Chrome OS; lightweight operating system to power netbook. It will still not be available until second half of 2010 and they still have plenty of things to do, but I assume that at least the R & D has been completed.

While it may still take years before Google is able to accumulate enough man-hours to produce a full desktop and server operating system but this is definitely a good start.

And worst still, it is going to be open source. This means that:
  • Google will leverage on the open source community to enhance and support the product
  • Google is not likely going to make money from licensing, but this is definitely going to take Google to uncharted territory while protecting its existing business model.

While SUN Microsystem is hoping that acquisition by Oracle will be the right direction, Google still sides with open source to compete with competitors.

This is also a high time for Google to counter the initial success of Microsoft Bing's search engine which is gaining momentum.