Tributes to Yasmin Ahmad

Although this blog focuses on Malaysia ICT stuffs, but I want to pay my tributes to the late Yasmin Ahmad.

She deserves a place in this blog and I admire her contributions towards upholding creativity and her entrepreneur spirit.

My favorite piece of her artworks is of course SEPET; a truly Malaysian movie and a masterpiece. SEPET reminds me that all Malaysian somehow come from the same background, that we are not so much different from each other. Like it or not, we eat the same food, see the same movies, listen the same music, speak the same languages and above all, we think the same thought; the Malaysian humble (contrasting the American dream).

SEPET reminds us that we are humble and we are proud of ourselves and we are happy in our own ways.

I own an original copy of SEPET ok....

Thank you Yasmin for SEPET.

Above all, I must say, thanks for living our dreams.