YouPlayYouWin - Live Interactive TV Game Show

Check out YouPlayYouWin; live interactive TV Game Show.

In short, it is a show that will be published on TV8 very Sunday at 12:45am beginning from 2nd August 2009 on 8TV which it will challenge viewers to gaming competition.

Keen gamers will have to be prepared all the time by mastering all the games in order to compete with others in an impromptu basis. Winners will walk away with lucrative prices such as Apple iPhone and etc. Check out all the prices here.

Check out the games listing available for play.

To participate, you have to watch the show. The host will first announce the mobile game to be played and the prizes up for grabs. To participate, you need to send SMS message to a SMS shortcode number to register yourself and download the mobile game. Then, you need to play the game and submit your high score into the show, using GPRS, EDGE or 3G data service from your mobile service provider. Please ensure you have activated these settings with your service provider.

Top 10 high scores shall be displayed on the TV show. Each player can upload their score as many times as they want. In the end of the show, the top scores shall win the cash and prizes of the competitions.

For more details, please check out here.