APC Appoints Mr. Ng Hon Chun as New Country General Manager for Malaysia

APC Appoints Mr. Ng Hon Chun as New Country General Manager for Malaysia, responsible for leading the local team to grow the APC business in Malaysia.

Hon Chun brings with him over 20 years of IT industry experience, as well as a strong background in business management, enterprise solution sales, run-rate volume business, channel development and professional services sales and delivery including IT outsourcing engagements. Prior to this, Ng was the country manager for midmarket and ibm.com at IBM Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., and a member of the IBM Malaysia senior management team, responsible for the company's mid-market business as well as the tele and web routes to market.

According to Hon Chun, his priorities (within the immediately period) would be as follows:
  • Educate customers - Sales and marketing
  • Become employer of choice - Branding
  • Achieve more operational efficiency - Management
APC products have four categories of differentiators:
  1. Components - On-demand architecture.
  2. Close-coupled cooling - Doesn't need to have big computer room cooling facilities.
  3. Containment - Stopping hot-air mixing with cool-air.
  4. Capacity management - Software
According Hon Chun, the estimation cost for 2 servers is about RM 2500 (per annum) and with about only 30% (of power) being channeled to productive usage while the rest are being wasted on cooling, and other things. This means that on the average the cost of running 2 servers (per annum) is about 2500/0.3 = RM 8333.33.

The figure for RM 2500 is an estimated one and is derived from the following:
  1. Per server uses about 500W.
  2. Cost per KWh (KiloWatt per hour) = RM 0.30
  3. Thus per annum = 365 (days) * 24 (hours) * 0.30 (cost per KWh) * 0.5(KW per server) = 1314
  4. 1314 * 2 = 2628
Therefore, with some discount for derivation, cost per 2 servers per annum is about RM 2500 (round down of 2628)

But all these can be improved by deploying APC solutions and technology.

APC provides the widest solution offering 4 market segments:
  1. Residential

    • 1-Phase UPS
    • Surge protection
    • Power conditioners
    • AV

  2. Business Networks

    • 1-Phase UPS
    • Surge protection
    • Network management software
    • Security and environment

  3. Data Centers

    • Data center design
    • Data center assessment
    • Infrastructure@architecture
    • Change & capacity management software
    • Power management
    • 3-phase UPS
    • Cooling systems
    • Rack enclosures
    • Power distribution
    • Maintenance services

  4. Building, Industry and Infrastructure

    • 3-phase UPS
    • Power distribution
    • Maintenance services
    • Remote energy mgmt
Hon Chun quoted two Malaysian case studies:

1. Sunway Medical Center

The high reliability of Infrastructure allows us to function with the peace of mind that we never had before, and we are highly satisfied with the preventive-proactive service that APC practices to support the system on 24x7 basis.

Rachel Lim - IT Manager (Sunway Medical Centre)

2. Hess Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd.

The flexibility and scalability of Infrastructure and Symmetra allows us greater control in the expansion of our data centre needs. We are also very pleased with teh support and proactive response we get from APC, which sets the company apart from other vendors we have dealt with.

Nicholas Vargis (Team Lead - IS Service Delivery)
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