The Last Mile Effort Case #1

Interestingly, as we have just discussed the problem with broadband connection in Malaysia and the seemingly biggest challenge; the last-mile.

I was talking about having investors investing in the infrastructure.

This morning we wake to a news that someone is just up to that for Kuantan.

"The country’s first open access fiber-to-the-home high-speed broadband facility is set to take off here over the next six months, involving 2,000 homes and offices in the initial roll-out.

Jalur Lebar Nasional Sdn Bhd (Jalenas) is expected to invest up to RM10bil in infrastructure and plans to connect up to 2.5 million city homes and offices, making it the world’s largest open access deployment based on a single network operator."

Claimed to be the first in Malaysia, this is a good start. Let's hope more Jalenas will surface in our society. Why not P.J first ?