VMWare To Push Ahead With Developer's Culture

VMWare wants to push ahead with developer's culture. They needed more apps that suit and run on their virtual platform.

SpringSource looks like a good choice.

According to this author, VMWare decided to purchase SpringSource to move up the food chain, which is to get bigger and cover the bigger market and have more controls by having a bigger wing.

I can agree on this. Let's just focus a few minutes on this by thinking about computer platforms. As we did mention before that computing platform is probably the biggest business of all.
  • Microsoft - Windows
  • Apple - Mac OS
  • Sun Microsystem - Solaris
  • Open platform - Linux
All these proliferated many other industrial successes such as iPhone, Java, Windows Mobile and etc.

Google is caching up with Android and the latest Chrome OS for netbook while at the same time championing the open-source movement and cloud computing.

And therefore, I reckon that now it is time for VMWare to bring its virtualization platform to the next level, to stay in par with Windows, Mac OS, Solaris and Linux. The road ahead is still winding and full of unknowns, but they reckon that a platform is useless without developers developing apps for users.

It is a fact that Microsoft Visual Studio is considered to be the best development tools in the world, and it is virtually free if you are willing do develop in Microsoft. Developers can get the full set of tools via program like ISV with only about RM 2000 and you can get a full suites of Microsoft products.

I haven't tried out Apple development tool because I am not using Apple and I did have some experience developing Java using the tools from java.sun.com which was many years ago.

But tools being tools, it has to be state of the art. I know that some people used to argue with me that they use notepad to write the Java codes, but then how efficient can you when there is a need to debug complex situations, fine-tune performances and etc? In fact, would u still be using notepad if others are using sophisticated tools with code-generations and other sub tools ?

This is quite exciting which I believe that it is important to maintain certain level of multi-culture in the field of computer science and IT. What I am suggesting is that it is a good thing to have a few more platforms and nurture a world with a diversity of developers specializing on different platforms for different needs or at least niches.

I haven't tried out SpringSource, however looking at the official web site, it offers a combination of:
  • Software Frameworks
  • Java IDE and development tools
  • Specialized web servers and application servers
  • Performance monitoring and analysis tools
I am excited. Java is still pretty much alive.

Finally, check out the official answer from VMWare's CTO Steve Herrod's Blog Post.

He explained a few points that are a mixture of companies' visions and the future.
  • Simplify IT (on both VMWare and Java)
  • Tighter Integration Between Low-Level and Higher-Level Programming
  • The Run Anywhere Model (on both VMWare and Java)
  • Cloud Computing Future Direction
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)