Where Must Malaysia ICT Proceed to #1 ?

Based on my experience. I have some ideas.

Entrepreneurship ?

Ok, I have said this before, that during this economy slow-down, it is a good time to nurture entrepreneurship. Why ? because now is the time to slow down on sales and marketing and focus on R & D and innovation. However sadly, it seems like surviving is still the biggest concern in Malaysia. The culture of Malaysia is that we want to graduate oversea, get a stable and good job (with multinational), get married, buy properties and big cars and work less.

In this economy slow-down (I don't know how long it will drag), many ICT people will quit what they are doing (because of many reasons) and venture into something else, so this is a time of what they called it 'shuffle card'.

Why people quit jobs ? Because in this situation, sales will slow down everywhere and bosses are experiencing tremendous stresses. To cope with it, bosses will think of creative tasks for the staffs to tackle which in other words it translates to more workload and same pay. To cope with such stresses, employees quit.

I must stress that it is only natural that during economy slow-down, governments must create more funds for entrepreneurship and etc, and not the other way round.

We must have long term vision, not a based on election.

Outsourcing ?

Some parties have been championing outsourcing and believed that Malaysia can be the next outsourcing hub. But to do that, we have to import talents from countries such as India and etc because local people cannot work 24 x 7.

Wondering how has that progressed so far ?

Professional / Specialist ?

This is what I want to talk about.

I feel that Malaysia ICT should focus on professionalism. We should focus on nurturing ICT people to become more professional and do professional jobs in their fields.

This is because the market is already not big enough, with only around 24 million people and the average income is quite low. We can't afford to outsource work anymore and our boys need to survive and to keep the economy wheel rolling.

I suggests that for consumers, try to let local guys do most of the work, while for suppliers, strive to become more professional.

And Malaysia needs to be produce all sorts of professionals including other arenas such as sports, F & B, entertainment and etc. Only if you are professional which people will trust your passion and commitment.

And professionals must not only be limited to doctors, lawyers, engineers and etc. It must include everything... everything.

Eventually, jobs will be outsourced to us.

We can succeed.

I see future here.