Apple Special Event Sep 09 (Music)

This came quite late, the reason is that the streaming that I had have always been subjected to interruptions.

It is always interesting to take note of Apple's special events to see where they are up to and how they keep the industry, consumers and technology.

Check out the link while still available.

  • 30 Million iphone sold Sep 2009.
  • Driven by apps store (1 year old)
  • 75,000 apps.
  • User have downloaded 1.8 billion apps have been downloaded since.
  • iPhone software 3.1
  • 100 million accounts

iTunes 9
  1. Genius mixes
  2. Improved Syncing
  3. Home sharing
  4. Redesign store
  5. iTunes LP

  1. 73.8% market share.
  2. >50% of customers are new customers
  3. 20 millions of iPod touches have been sold.

why ?
  1. It is a great iPod (video and audio)
  2. It is a mini computer
  3. Gaming platform. --> 20,000 games titles available.

iPod Touch:
  1. 8GB for $199
  2. 50% faster
  3. OpenGL ES

Video Camera in the iPod Nano:

This is pretty exciting, as Steve described it as "Tiny little package, having video camera and always having your iPod Nano with you."

100 millions of iPod Nano has been sold.
  1. Video camera
  2. Larger 2.2 inch display
  3. Polished anodized aluminium
  4. Microphone and speaker
  5. VoiceOver
  6. FM Radio
  7. Built-in pedometer
  8. 8GB for $149

Green Concept:
  1. Arsenic-Free glass
  2. NPN-Free
  3. Mercury-Free
  4. PVC-Free
  5. Highly Recyclable

  1. New iTunes 9
  2. New iPod lineups for the holiday season.
  3. New iPod Nano with built-in video camera

And the best part is that after watching the keynote, I actually thought that I wanted to get an iPod Nano because I am actually looking for a good quality small video camera.

The marketing is effective!