Comparison of Tech Blog and Conventional News Provider

The Pros of Tech Blog:
  1. Focus
  2. Your News Are Always on Front Page
  3. Tech Blog Include Links to Your Web Sites And Other Links
  4. Tech Blogs Know What It Is Talking
  5. Tech Blogs Provide Examples
  6. Tech Blogs Archive Stuffs - Content Repository
  7. Tech Blogs Are Searchable Through Search Engines
  8. Tech Blogs Usually Protect Your Concerns and Cushion Conflicting-Issues
  9. Tech Blogs are Fun and Happy
The Pros of Conventional News Provider:
  1. More Established
  2. Printed
  3. More Readers (as the total)
  4. On-Site Journalists
  5. Politically Correct

You must know how to leverage on these two medias to your benefits. Don't ever think about manipulations, think about win-win for all parties.