A Short Review on Video Analytics

Video Analytics is still new...

Intelligence ?
  • Computer vision --> input
  • Metadata generation --> ontology
  • Objects identification --> Definition
--> www.asmag.com May/June 2008 pg 76.

Current trend ?

Colors identification (based on color of the dresses)

In fact, if you look at the latest happenings, the following features are already available to the market.
  • Pro active video surveillance --> object identification
  • Behaviour recognition
  • People and vehicle counting
Problems with the industry ?
  • Products come from everywhere.
  • Competition is high
  • Manufacturers have no time to start from scratch, too costly and too many things to do.
  • Transition from analog to digital
It is not easy to create a product, you got to start from somewhere.

But I like to think that the biggest challenge is face recognition, or in a broader sense, image recognition.

There is a recent news that image recognition is solved, a research success by MobVis.

and the more famous face recognition software iPhoto was made popular by Apple not too long ago.

Well, if you look at how iPhoto works, it suggests that:
  • Uses geometry
  • Uses statistics


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