3D Album Tips

3D Album's Picture Pro

  1. The older version of 3D album (Picture Pro v3.1) is not working fine in Vista.
  2. The source file is the photo folder. The photo strip is the index file for the photo sequence that you have arranged. (You don't have to delete it, but if you do, it will regenerated but you have to rearrange the photo again)
  3. You can only save the build show (As application). If you need to export to movie, have to use the capture feature.
  4. Combine multiple slide show using sequencer. (Put each different show into a folder. then copy these different folders into another main folder. at the mixer screen, set the main folder as 'Mix Path'.
  5. Since you can't combine 1 song for a different clips using the mixer, the only way is to combine all dating clips into one. You can still direct the background images properly (by properly put the background images according related to the foreground images through repetitive pattern - duplication)).
  6. MPEG means VCD, MPEG2 means SVCD
  7. PAL --> Malaysia / British format. NTSC --> American/British format.
  8. Choose either 'DVD PAL' or 'DVD NTSC' as the movie type for the best quality. The output will be a .mpg file. Use VLC Player to play it (usually Windows Media Player doesn't come with the built-in codec).But if you are using Nero Express to create a DVD disc, the input file format required is .vob.

    Nero 9 (which Nero Vision is a component) can do the job. If the DVD output (disc) having problem displaying the animation properly, then capture the movie as DVD NTSC and then use Nero Vision to burn it as SVCD. This should be the best trade-off option.

  9. If you are not professional, copy all photos to a folder first, and then slowly delete away those which you don't like. This works better than if you selectively decide which one should be shortlisted. Do you get what I mean ? In other ways, deletion technique works better than selection technique.
  10. A typical 4 minutes song requires about 40 pictures with 20 milisecond of interval.