How to Uninstall Windows Live Mail from Vista

Make no mistake, Windows Live Mail is a fine software, a great component of 'Windows Live'.

But if you have decided just to use 'Windows Live Messenger' while keeping other components far away, you may want to uninstall it.

And the reason I ever thought about uninstalling it was because I am a 'Windows Mail' user, and have been using it for a long time. And after upgraded to the latest 'Windows Live' suite, I accidentally click 'Windows Live Mail' shortcut and launched the program. Without asking for permission, it automatically imported all emails from 'Windows Mail'. It was a great import and all dependencies can be resolved without user interaction, except that the process duplicated my emails and caused my hard disk consumption to surge to tipping point.

I had no choice but to either delete all the imported emails from 'Windows Live Mail' or uninstall it. The first option worked, it didn't delete away all emails from the 'Windows Mail' domain either.

But after you have deleted the imported email from Windows Live Mail, your hard disk space will still be loaded. You should perform 'disk cleanup' to flush away the deleted files from your system.

It worked.

So, do you still want to uninstall 'Windows Live Mail', if so..
  1. Control Panel\Programs and Features
  2. Select 'Windows Live Essential' (You will not find Windows Live Mail).

  3. Click 'Uninstall/Change'

  4. Select 'Windows Live Mail', click 'Continue'.

  5. Done