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Download this article about 'MYSQL™ PROVIDES SCALABILITY,
RELIABILITY, ENTERPRISE SUPPORT AT A LOWER COST', which in my opinion, it doesn't sell much ideas.

If you are talking about cost, it is really about Oracle.

MS SQL is not that expensive. And for people who have high requirements, they will go for Oracle.In another words, if you have money, you can afford SAP already.

The article should focus on technical aspect and usability for database administrators, developers and architects.

Most of the techies are familiar with one database platform, and MySQL should focus on helping these people to migrate over the the newer platform. The availability of brand new GUI and tools since acquisition by SUN microsystem is a good step. But actually, many people don't have time to explore new things anyway. This is why Microsoft can keep up with the sales.This is another aspect of zero downtime, which is there is not time to explore new things.

Ok, the point quoted by the following paragraph is good.

MySQL is proven in the field as a database server that can run anything from deeply
embedded applications with a footprint of just +3-4MB to massive data warehouses
holding terabytes of information. It also can be configured with a variety of
high-availability capabilities such as high-speed master/slave replication and
specialized cluster servers with instant failover. This level of flexibility to attain optimum scalability and availability for a particular set of needs is a hallmark of the open approach to database technology that underlies MySQL.

It tells that MySQL is scalable and reliable.

It should try to provide an apple to apple comparison with other databases which MySQL can do better.

And also need to have a channel for knowledge sharing.

MySQL should focus on making techies fall in love with it.
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