Product Marketing - There Is A Pattern

1. Advertisement, Marketing & Promotion

Advertisement is good for two or three reasons:
  1. Let people know your brand
  2. Help people to make decision
  3. Upgrade your brand value
After you have done advertisement, what must you do ?

2. Reference Site

You can create reference site most effectively using web site.

Why, because people would like to find out more about your product, who is the inventor and etc.

This is very very important.

For those companies which the web traffics are little, it is because your advertisement, marketing and promotion is not effectively carried out.

3. Leisure & More Activities

How to create more life to your product ?

I have a few suggestions:

  • Create Videos for YouTube
  • Make Some Noise in Facebook
  • Create A Blog For the Product

Do u reckon that this is a best practise ?