Remote Desktop Not Working ?

Yes, indeed it is annoying.

First of all, refer to the following two references.
Here is what I did to solve my problem (in Windows Server 2003), in steps.
  1. Make sure you can ping the server
  2. Make sure the default TCP/IP port (3389) is up and running.To do this the easiest way is to make use of telnet utility. Refer to here.
  3. Make sure the firewall is off or not blocking the port
  4. Make sure 'Terminal Services' is running
  5. Make sure Remote Desktop is enabled
  6. Optional - Administrator is granted administrator access.

For my case, the port 3389 is not listening while other checklists are fine.

So, the only few things left to troubleshoot are Windows registry.

Refer to

The registry key for remote desktop is

And indeed it was missing from the server.

So, I just need to recreate the registry key.

But the registry key is not just one or two values, it has a lot of settings. So, the best way is to import from another server of the same type.

And it works!

Therefore, the best way is to import the registry key from another similar computer which remote desktop is working fine.

Download the Windows Registry(Windows Server 2003) for above mentioned issue.