Apple iPad - What Steve Said

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Check out the keynote from Steve Jobs.
Key Facts:
  • 250 million iPod have been sold.
  • 140 thousand software applications available on the iStore.
  • 3 billion applications been downloaded from iStore.
  • $ 15.6 billion of revenues achieved.
  • Apple is mobile devices compnay, the largest in the world. Winning over Nokia, Samsung, Sony

Steve Jobs said that the Netbook is nothing good and just a cheap laptop.

The iPad uses Apple's own microprocessor (it is not Intel). This will have edge over other tablet products.

And iPod, iPhone and iPad do not support Java. Check out here. This decision by Apple has both good and bad consequences. The one good thing is that it will keep Apple's software application in its own boundary; seemingly always high in quality. The bad thing is that who ever doesn't own an Apple device will not get the chance to write software for Apple. But the latter definitely is good for the economy because it promotes less monopoly and more competition.

What I really like about iPad is that it shakes the market for multi-touch devices. (Hello!!!!, you call yourself multi-touch ?) Not only that it brings down the cost of multi-touch, it also brings the technology expectation to a higher standard. I do not see the possibility that iPad will be used by ATM machines (at the banks) in the near future, which on current Malaysian standard, the sensitivity hangs occasionally. (Currently, Maybank is the first one to implement multi-touch screen for ATM and it hangs sometimes.) Nevertheless, the worst other multi-touch devices perform, the better the sales of iPad will do.

SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 27:  Apple Inc. CEO St...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
  • iPad sits in between iPod and Laptop.
  • Apple is pretty much a 'cult' with very over protective culture.
  • Apple business strategy is good to promote less monopoly, fairer competition and money making for all. In other words, anything which Apple produces simply will make people buy more and not buy less from others. This is very evident in Malaysia where people who buy Apple devices, will most certainly have a Windows machine side by side. This is probably the best contribution of Steve Jobs to the computer industry;of carefully crafted business strategies and product innovations that oversees all possibilities.  Apple has done better than Google in this sense. We have to respect this guy.(Thumbs up!)
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