My Comments on Apple's iPad

Check on iPad on Apple official web site.

Ok, based on the reviews by this url.

I can say a few comments:

1. Internet Data Plan

Tying up with just one telecommunication provider will definitely help in terms of everything of marketing and sales, but will it really generate the most sales ?

Perhaps it is a smarter choice.

Because if you think about all the cost saving that can achieve in terms of joint sales and marketing efforts, it is definitely a good idea.

And it is not easy to tie up with telecommunication provider if you are new in the market.

2. Waiting For The Right Time.

2009 recorded 3 millions e-readers sold, most of it are from Amazon Kindle.

3. Bigger iPod

iPad really looks to me like a bigger iPod or iPhone. Whatever limitation the latters have, iPad will make up for it.

Therefore, games, music,vidoes Internet and whatever that entertainment that you can think of.

Not just that, now it will also encourage you to read.

This suggests that it is not always bad that some big guys go and create a huge potential market and you can still benefit from it later by having your own product that is as good or better.

4. Old Business Concept

Similar to iPod or iPhone, iPad is priced according to the the hard disk size.

This is good plan because what it means is that you are not supposed to use the device forever, when you need to a bigger hard disk, you have to buy a new one.

And when the battery is dead, go get a new one too.