Printing With HP Deskjet F-4280 Is Like An Effort To Save The Planet

Grin :D

I don't know how to put this..

My old Canon Pixma deskjet printer had to retire, so I was so excited that I was going to buy an All-In-One HP printer for my home use. Where is my home ? Somewhere in Malaysia.

So, I went to my favorite IT retailer near Damansara Jaya and they told me I had to pay cash (RM 299) for HP Deskjet F4280 (All-In-One), and they are not selling Canon because it is much more expensive.

Ok fine, HP must be good.

Happily took home HP Deskjet F4280 with the idea that this is going to solve hell lot of problems for my IT needs.

Guess what, the first time trying to test print, the message goes 'Printer is out of paper', but the stack of paper was there. Don't ask me how many pieces of paper I have loaded there because for a brand new printer, it should even lick up one piece of paper.

So, the printer requires you to push the paper gently in order for the feeder to be able to consume it successfully, otherwise it will keep 'printer out of paper' and you have to keep 'resuming'. That was like 9 out of 10 times which printer will be out of paper.

I really thought to myself that I was the unlucky one. I took the printer out for 1 to 1 exchange with the retailer, which it happened. Came back home with another brand new HP Deskjet F4280, wow, this is going to rock man.

Guess what ? 5 out of 10 times printer out of paper.

I began to wonder who is unlucky ?

Posted some comments on Facebook which my friends gave different opinions, but this is HP right ? I don't know.

Ok, after that, I had actually given up hope, I don't know what to do with the printer. I can't give it as a gift right ?

I didn't hate my retailer because he kept telling that he doesn't make much profit these days. Ok, fine, I am the good man.

He suggested me to call the toll free number (1800-888-588) and ask for assistant.

So I did rang up that number and it was diverted from Malaysia to down-know-where which the person assisting me was a lady of probably American or some mat-salleh. No, she is hot and very helpful and smart too. She knows my slang.

But it was a lengthy conversation which took about 30 minutes and I was finally going to get the third replacement. and this time they are delivering it to the house.

Ok great. I kept my finger crossed, but I confess that the person I spoke to sounded sexy and it was a great experience complaining.

And no need to guess, the replacement unit is no different from the first two units. I mean, I really lazy to count how many out of how many anymore.

Having this printer makes me don't feel like printing anything at all, haha. I am so green dude.

Ok, the photo copying and scanning works well and I have no problem with it, but I just can't print.

But I still don't know what to do with this printer, which sometimes it will eat the paper too fast and then vomit back the paper and the next one will get stuck. It is a comedian.

Ok, maybe I will keep it for scanning and copying and buy another one (maybe not HP) just for printing ?