SAS in 2010: Gearing Up on Employees, To be a Best-Place-To-Work

The world’s largest privately held software business (with revenues of USD2.3 billion) SAS Institute Inc., is ranked No. 1 on the FORTUNE magazine’s annual ‘Best Companies to Work in America’ survey.

Not only has the tech powerhouse been on this coveted list for the past 13 years, it has had Google (ranked No.4 in the survey) copying its company benefits/freebies model some years ago.

“The excitement of SAS (US)’ No.1 FORTUNE Spot win, perfectly describes the spirit and motivation for HR endeavour and efforts at SAS Malaysia for year 2010,” says Doris Tham, Senior Manager, Human Resources at SAS Malaysia, adding that “…employee retention and development is one of the core initiatives at SAS Global and Malaysia over the next 12 months.”

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