Coming Middle of 2010

If the government were to proceed with the plans to change the fuel subsidy scheme, petrol price will increase.

Big vehicle prices may drop.

People's pocket money will be affected and hence this may affect that property market because there will be less demands. Actually this depends on the location, remote area property prices may be affected. This goes on to suggest that if car sales drop, properties prices should increase because people choose to mobile less and stay at fixed location and vice versa.

So, if you have got money, you can buy Honda City and get a house.

This will be a good time to promote work-from-home, webinars, web-conferencing and etc.

That is right, MDec should work out an initiative to encourage people to work smart, by traveling less frequently on the road.

Internet service providers' (ISP) business is set to boom (if there is any room).

Malaysian still needs plenty of bandwidth and efficient transportation.

If the above mentioned comes in any form of reality, you know what you should be looking out before and after 1st of May 2010.

But what if the crude oil price falls further during middle of 2010 ? Looks like this instability will be cushioned by sales of fuel efficient cars. In other words, if the government is going to float the petrol prices, more fuel efficient cars will be sold and this will affect the property market as well.

And if this is true, buy fuel efficient cars and properties a bit at the outskirt (because it may become cheaper) and invest in telecommunication companies.

Right now everybody is waiting for the government to call the shot.